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We are a not for profit organization founded in 1995 and dedicated to the protection of domestic and feral animals, and to the alleviation of suffering created by their uncontrolled population.

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It is with great sadness that we have to inform you of the sudden passing of one of our Board Members, John Bonhorst. For more than 7 years John has been an integral part of the SBPA.

He was our clinic facilities maintenance manager and expert, loving shaver of the animals at the clinics. He also generously gave his time, energy and assets to support Matty Parra's dog refuge. In addition, he always lent Rocio and Paola his trailer for collection and transport of countless animals for free surgery.

John leaves behind his amazing wife, Carole, and a huge hole in our hearts.

                       May he rest in Peace.


We invite you to take a few minutes to watch our newly released video  "A Day with SBPA".

We think it is important to share the details of our work so that we can continue to garner support and donations to do as many sterilization surgeries as possible.


About Us

To accomplish our mission we provide free spay and neuter clinics as well as provide cost free spay and neuter surgery with local veterinarians for abandoned or feral animals and for low income local families who cannot afford the cost of the surgery.

The SBPA does not operate an animal shelter nor do we operate a veterinary care facility.


SBPA esta dedicado ayudar a los animales domesticos y cllejeros, animando una relacion armoniosa entre el bienstar animal y la calidad de vida benevola.

SBPA no funciona un abegue ni esta una facilidad veterinaria del cuidado.


To spay or not to spay - It's not even a question.

SBPA Clinic


In 2018, the Sonora Health Department estimated there were 25,000 homeless dogs and cats in the Guaymas area.  The SBPA has provided over 2,000 free spay/neuter surgeries yearly for the past 3 years. With our new mobile unit we are able to reach more animals in remote areas.

Animal feces, coupled with poor drainage, contribute to Rickettsia and parasitic infections in local kids. The SBPA distributed over 5,000 free poop bags and educational materials to encourage people to pick up after their pets.


We continue to find ways to get the best results from your donations. Our clinics provide a 50% reduction in the cost of surgeries over our certificate program. This means that we can treat more than double the number of animals.


 We salute our devoted vets and volunteers who work hard at each clinic.

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