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In light of the Corona 19 Virus shutdown in Mexico, we want to give everyone an SBPA update. Even if you have already left San Carlos for the summer, you should be interested in this update.

The decisions we have made were not easy yet considering the health and well being of our community is a major consideration.  These are the interim steps we have taken to protect our volunteers, supporters, local community, and businesses.

The Altered Tails Book Shoppe has been temporarily closed until the Mexican government determines it is safe for businesses to reopen. We thank our many volunteers for their loyal work and we will be back at the appropriate time.

SBPA's monthly Spay/Neuter Clinics have gone on for years. But now, because of the Covid 19 lockdown in Mexico, we are not permitted to have hundreds of animal owners line up to register their animals for surgery. However, we are continuing our Certificate program with local vets so you can still get the free surgeries by appointment. In addition, Edgar and his team will continue to do surgeries by appointment using a Certificate. Email Suzanne Pinto if you need an appointment at

The 2021 SBPA San Carlos Event Calendar will not be published because most local charities are unsure when or if they will have events and cannot plan far enough in advance to support the printing of the Calendar.

We hope to find other ways to highlight all the great rescue animals and to find new ways to raise funding to support our mission.

We wish health and safety to each sponsor, volunteer, and business in our community who have supported us.  We hope you will continue to believe in our work and support us with donations whenever possible.  You are the reason we were able to prevent unwanted litters for 3,000 dogs and cats in 2019.

Caroline Durand

President SBPA

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